Atlantis Creative Corner: March 2023

A showcase of art and writing from MSMHS students.

Atlantis Creative Corner: March 2023
Artwork by Sierra Chagnon
By Ezran Williams and Rashel Garcia

Atlantis Creative Corner is a place similar to the Atlantis Magazine. The magazine had been funded by MSMHS alumni to showcase student art and creativity through an accessible medium. The new Creative Corner will continue to uphold the values and honor the legacy left by the magazine and past alumni by showcasing the creative side of the students here in articles and contests.

To make this possible, we'll need submissions from all of you. Anything from art to writing is welcome—if you've made it, we'd like to display it. Every month, we will have a new theme to help with inspiration for your submissions. To celebrate Women's History Month, this month's theme is empowerment. Please use the Atlantis Creative Corner submission form to send your creative works.

To further promote creativity at MSMHS, the Creative Corner will also be a be sharing information on contests and other artistic happenings. This wide variety of events includes the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, the UConn Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize, the New York Times Tiny Memoir Contest for Students, and the Letters for Literature contest.  The section will also discuss school events like speeches and art shows.

We'll end this off with a showcase of submissions from six of your fellow classmates. This month's submissions include works from last year's edition of Atlantis Magazine, as well as brand-new works from this year's talented students.

By Micaela Schkeeper, Senior

The Four Seasons

What a lovely morning!

The sun is shining and all the leaves on the trees and bushes are green.

The crickets are chirping, the birds are singing, and through my window, I spotted six deer walking along the side of my deck.

Throughout the months, I woke up at similar times and spotted two deer through my window. Orange, yellow, and brown leaves fell off the trees and carved pumpkins were placed on the neighbors’ porches.

I’m pulling on my bed and placing a few pillows on top while noticing snow is on the side of my deck.

I open my window and feel a cool breeze touch my chest.

My eyes glanced up, noticing the trees look pale. No leaves, no color, but white dust covering their arms.

One morning, I feel particles go up my nose and sneeze.

The trees' arms are starting to form leaves again and some have pink leaves.

I see a few yellow bushes on the side of the porch and hear a couple birds singing.

Four deer are walking along the side of my deck.

The seasons have passed and the trees have grown.

It has almost been a year.

What a lovely year it has been!

By Liam Faulkner, Sophomore
Photograph of a fence overgrown with plants.
Photograph by Liam Faulkner

"There are a lot of moments where you could take the perfect picture of anything that is interesting. I'm the kind of person where if any of these opportunities arrive, I would immediately take a photo. All I need to do is decide to actually take the photo, and review later if it's worth keeping, rather than hesitating if I should take a photo or not before I even take the image."

Anonymous Submission

My Honest Poem

I was always a quiet kid

I didn’t really talk to much

Always sunk into the background and watch everything go on

I liked to surround myself with people who would outshine me

This never really made me unpopular

I was popular in a way where everyone knew me

I never really was too much of a quiet kid

I just always thought of myself as one

I was always the guy who surrounded himself with people that everyone like

I was the moon to while the other people were the sun

I was not always being seen

But I was always there

So i never really was a quiet kid

But just a shy kid

By Mckayla Tyrone, Junior

Teen Love

Do you think we are moving too fast?

Good question are we

But before you answer it is over

Everything comes to an end

The end is hard but what happened to get there

It was so fast I don't remember

I remember now that it is 3 month later

But it is to late everything already happened

I can't go back in time it is to late

I wish I realized at the time

But now it is over

It hurt bad then but now

I know why it had to end

It was not an accident it had to happen

We where moving to fast

By Ko Parlagreco, Junior

My Honest Poem

My name is Ko, short for Kody

Most people don’t call me by my full name, though

Some don't call me by my name at all

Sometimes even I don’t

I often wish I could be nameless

There isn’t much I can say about my own life

I have a melancholy relationship with memory

Because I have no past through my eyes

I find myself desperately trying to live in nostalgia

A measly attempt just to prove I exist

To find what it takes to bring life to dead eyes

I enjoy long walks outside

Nature in my greatest inspiration

I’m somewhat in love with creation it seems

It brings a sense if peace like that of an absent minded hug

Like every shade that exists outside of pain

I long to be animal again

I crave the wings I once soared with

What an organic yearning

To go limp in the arms of the atmosphere

But with these legs I must abandon the sky

I wish I could sit amongst the trees forever

Watching leaves fall as slow as they can

A lonely dance that makes me smile with its sorrow

Unfortunately I must always return to Earth

Though warm and comfortable,

I am reminded the days are always longer with the lights on

By Lily Edmond, Junior

My honest poem

I was born on march 3rd, that makes me a pisces

I tried to tie myself into astrology and the crystals but it never stuck When i was born my parents wanted to name me penny

Instead, they named me lillian

The thought it was funny, my dads name is ian That i’d be the little version of him

“Little Ian” “Lillian, it's perfect!”

I call myself lily, i hate my real name

My dad got me into swimming

It's been 10 years now, i've been growing out of it

I loved it when i was little, but now i hate it

I miss the friends i made, the ones i've known since i was 5 My real friends.

Before high school, i had anger issues

I was always in trouble for something

I also got into fights with my parents a lot That's what ruined our bond, the constant fights

Now that i'm in high school, life is better

I have more friends, my license, a big room It's the whole high school experience Besides one thing.

I never was the relationship type

I was always the tall chubby girl no one liked

I was a good friend, just never good enough for anything else Now that im in high school things are obviously different

Everyday i worry about my appearance

My parents judge m outfits when im confident

They even judge my outfits when i want to be comfortable They never change

I love music

I even fall asleep to it because i cannot stand silence I hate silence with a passion

It's when I start to think.

By Sierra Chagnon, Junior
Painting showing a bottle with a reflective surface set against a black background.
Artwork by Sierra Chagnon

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