MSMHS Aquaculture Hosts First-Ever Coral Fair

MSMHS Aquaculture Hosts First-Ever Coral Fair
Students and staff sold coral grown in the MSMHS aquaculture lab. Photography by Kaiden Chandler.

By Kaiden Chandler

Editor in Chief. Class of 2024

On Saturday, December 9, the Marine Science aquaculture department hosted a “Coral College” coral show, where students, local vendors, and educators came together to sell corals and learn about coral aquaculture. The show, held in partnership with the Boston Reefers Society, was the first coral show held at MSMHS.

In the aquaculture lab, Mr. Litvinoff, Mr. Guyot, and student volunteers sold corals to private buyers looking to bring coral into their own reef tanks. Through these sales, the aquaculture department generated over $6,000, which is directly reinvested in student projects in the lab. The funds are also used to provide scholarships for students studying marine science after graduation. 

Coral tanks illuminated by blue lights.
Visitors and buyers had a chance to see the MSMHS coral propagation system. Photography by Kaiden Chandler.

Other schools with aquaculture programs were in attendance, including Norwich Free Academy, E.O. Smith, and Hall High School. Aquaculture teacher Mr. Litvinoff said that these shows benefit students seeking to go into the aquaculture industry, helping to build awareness of MSMHS and bolster student resumes.

Other high school aquaculture programs brought their own corals to sell and display. Photography by Kaiden Chandler.

Outside vendors filled the Great Hall and science classrooms, selling corals and tank accessories. By making these connections with vendors, Mr. Litvinoff hopes the event will help to “bring together industry and education” to help support the next generation of aquaculture students.

In the science hallway, outside vendors set up coral tanks to sell their product. Photography by Kaiden Chandler.

With positive feedback from both vendors and attendees, the aquaculture department is hoping for some form of the event to occur again. Mr. Litvinoff saying “I’m hoping this show becomes a yearly tradition.”

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