November 2023 Edition

The independent student newspaper of MSMHS. In this month's edition, a collection of news, opinion, science, puzzles, and more in a quick, skimmable format.

November 2023 Edition
Illustration by Kaiden Chandler, Photos by Gracie Peil, Kaiden Chandler, and iNaturalist.

Welcome to The Current, the independent student newspaper of MSMHS. This month, a report from October's Hispanic heritage celebration, how this cultural celebration fit into the school's broader anti-racism plan, advice from the outgoing senior class, and more.

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News & Happenings
Students sit around a table with Hispanic dishes.

MSMHS Holds Hispanic Heritage Celebration

In a whole-school event, students and staff celebrated Hispanic culture and heritage through food, music, and student performances.

Heritage Celebration a Part of Broader Anti-Racism Efforts

Heritage Celebration a Part of Broader Anti-Racism Efforts

The school administration plans to double down on cultural events in the coming months.

Quote bubbles floating on a blue background.

Advice From The Class of 2024

Advice from seniors Jack Lacey, Ryan Kostopoulos, Jacob Zelinsky, Loralei Bishop, Gracie Peil, and Henry Thorndike.

A smooth green snake coiled around a tree lunges out towards the viewer.

A Student Snake Expert on Connecticut's Native Snakes

Connecticut isn't known for its exciting wildlife. That all changes when in comes to snakes. In this second installment of a four-part series, a look a three of Connecticut's fascinating native snakes.


The Chess Puzzler

The phrase "play chess games" laid out on a blue checkerboard.

Introducing The Chess Puzzler, limited-run series of student-made chess puzzles.

The Brain Baffler

Decode the visual clues to unlock the secret phrase. Feeling stuck? Check out the hint (and answer) below.

The phrase "Get it," repeated four times.
Hint: Never mind. Scroll to view answer.

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