October 2023 Edition

The independent student newspaper of MSMHS. In this month's edition, a collection of news, opinion, science, puzzles, and more in a quick, skimmable format.

October 2023 Edition
Images via Kaiden Chandler, Alec Attie/Unsplash, and Amphibians and Reptiles of North Carolina.

Welcome to The Current, the independent student newspaper of MSMHS. This month, the ins and outs of the new grading system, a car crash survivor's thoughts on bad driving, the newly elected student government, and more.

In other news: We're expanding! The Current will now be publishing every Thursday, with arts, books, and teacher interviews heading your way in the coming weeks!

News & Happenings
Concrete stairs lead up to a foam-green building.

What to Know About the New Grading System

This year, MSMHS introduced a new grading system in an effort to better reflect student learning. Here's what you need to know, and how it impacts your grades.

Meet This Year’s MSMHS Student Government

The results for class officer and student council positions are in. Here's what you need to know.

Timelapse photography of passing cars on road at nighttime

Jacob Zelinsky on Bad Driving

"We often lose focus and drive more recklessly as we get more comfortable with driving, and this is when it's the most dangerous. I’d be the first to acknowledge that I am one of those people; in fact, being that person is what got me into a fairly gnarly car accident at the end of junior year."

Close up of a black snake with yellow stripes.

The Snakes of Connecticut: Part Two

Connecticut isn't known for its exciting wildlife. That all changes when in comes to snakes. In this second installment of a four-part series, a look a three of Connecticut's fascinating native snakes.


The Brain Baffler

Decode the visual clues to unlock the secret phrase. Feeling stuck? Check out the hint (and answer) below.

The phrase "a million," with the numeral for "one" inserted in the middle.
Hint: Unique or unlikely. Scroll to view answer.

Don't worry — the answer is right after this.

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Answer: One in a million.
See you next week!