September 2023 Edition

The independent student newspaper of MSMHS. In this month's edition, a collection of news, arts, opinion, puzzles, and more in a quick, skimmable format.

September 2023 Edition
Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Images via Kaiden Chandler, The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and AZ Animals.

Welcome to The Current, the independent student newspaper of MSMHS. This month, a new push for antiracism education, the wonderfully weird snakes of Connecticut, singing with the composer of Star Wars, and more.

News & Happenings
The exterior façade of Marine Science Magnet High School.

Principal: Anti-Racism Efforts to “Come in Strong” for September

"MSMHS principal Ms. Amatrudo has said that this school year will have an increased emphasis on anti-racism education through a combination of student-led committees and training from outside organizations."

A satellite view of MSMHS shows the green roof on the right side of the image.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Green Roof

"The green roof has long been a point of mystery at MSMHS. Many people know of the green roof’s existence, but few know any specifics, and even fewer have had the opportunity to see it in person."

orange sheets of paper lie on a green school board and form a chat bubble with three crumpled papers.

How to Fix Accountable Talk

One of the worst discussion strategies I’ve seen at our school is grading someone on the number of times they speak. What I’ve noticed, ironically, is that limiting the amount of talking is a better means of facilitating true discussion.

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Arts & Life
An orchestra plays underneath a large screen showing scenes of Star Wars movies.

Singing With the Composer of Star Wars

I turned my head to face forward, towards the maestro and the sea of people behind him. The inside of the “shed,” as the performance space is known, seats 5,000 people — and it was filled to capacity.

The book cover of "All the President's Men."

A Blueprint for the Future: "All The Presidents Men" Review

At its core, “All the President’s Men” is the story of what happens when politicians refuse to recognize the freedom of the press and intentionally malign journalistic reputations in order to secure their own power.

A copperhead snake.

The Snakes of Connecticut: Part One

There aren't many venomous snakes in Connecticut. In this article, meet two of them.


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