Students Compete in Class Games and Color Wars

On the final day of spirit week, students in each competed against the each other in a variety of spirit activities.

Students Compete in Class Games and Color Wars
Students and teachers high-five to escape "Shark Island" in the day's opening event. Photography by Kaiden Chandler.

By Ada Gauthier

Associate Editor. Class of 2025

On Wednesday, November 22, MSMHS held the final day of its annual spirit week event, with competitions involving students from all grades.

Due to the unexpected weather, this year’s Shark Bowl game was canceled. Instead of the game, students took part in a longer pep rally with more games, including musical chairs, pie eating, cornhole, and a lip sync battle.

Students with whipped-cream on their faces celebrate after completing the contest.
Students competed in a pie-eating contest. Photograph by Ada Gauthier.

During the lip sync battle, seniors took first place, with the juniors narrowly coming in second.

Students in lip-sync in the Great Hall of MSMHS.
Senior Charlie Bergendahl leads the senior class in a lip-sync battle. Photograph by Ada Gauthier.

Students came in early in the morning to decorate the school in their class colors for color wars. Seniors were navy blue, juniors were white, sophomores had red, and freshman decorated in yellow.

Colored streamers decorate the upstairs of MSMHS.
Students decorated the school in their class colors. Photograph by Ada Gauthier.

At the end of the very eventful spirit week, the final standing had freshman in fourth place, juniors in third place, seniors in second place, and sophomores in first place.

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