April 2023 Edition

An MSMHS-focused collection of news, culture, sports, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format.

April 2023 Edition

Happy April!

Each month, we'll bring you a MSMHS-focused collection of news, arts, culture, sports, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format. If you're feeling extra curious, tap the button to view the full story. We hope you enjoy!

-The Current Team

News and Happenings

Juniors Visit College Fair in Hartford

"On Friday, March 31, the junior class visited colleges and employers at the NACAC College Fair in Hartford, CT. Held at the Connecticut Convention Center, the fair allowed students to explore a wide range of post-secondary options at their own pace."

Arts and Music at MSMHS

"With a marine-focused magnet theme — and state-of-the-art facilities for boating and aquaculture — science and aquaculture class feature prominently on the course selection roster. However, some students say that they would appreciate more art and music courses offered at the school."

The Current Launches Instagram Account

Follow the account for news and updates on the independent student newspaper of MSMHS!


Opinion: Top Ten Worst Uniforms in Hockey

"A bit on the boring side. The “Screaming Eagle” reverse retro released in 2022 is one of the best uniform designs to come out of hockey in the last 20 years, and a permanent switch to that would bring the Caps up to the top ten on the jerseys list"


Japan's Hatsumono Strawberries — At What Price?
A polluting greenhouse produces strawberries for year-round consumption.
Political cartoon by Leo Motherway

Arts & Life

Atlantis Creative Corner: Student Submissions

This month: work from Maddy Campbell, Seth Trotochaud, Ezran Williams, Mckayla Tyrone, and Liam Faulkner.

The Book Report: Reviews and Recommendations

Ms. Hardison, on the book Just Mercy: "It was eye-opening and life-changing … Would absolutely recommend … I taught this book when I taught American studies, an it was the one book every child said they read the whole thing as seniors."

Mozart: Pop Musician and Movie Composer

"Mozart's own compositions are not the only aspect of his legacy that live on today; his influence seeps through modern music, media, and pop culture. These contemporary reinterpretations of Mozart's genius only further solidify his legendary status as one of the most prolific composers of all time."


You Eat Bugs: A Look at Insects in Food

"One cup of raisins is allowed to have up to 33 fruit fly eggs, a chocolate batch is allowed to be 1% insect parts and 10 grams of hops is allowed to have 2,500 aphids."


The Current Crossword: April 2023
The Current Crossword: April 2023
A MSMHS-themed crossword puzzle, exclusive to The Current.
The Brain Baffler: April 2023

Welcome to the Brain Baffler, the world's best rebus puzzle! Decode the visual clues to unlock the phrase. Feeling stuck? Check out the hint (and answer) below.

The word "vaders," with a gap between the "a" and the "d."
Hint: Pixelated intruders. Scroll to view answer.

Don't worry—the answer is right after this.

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Answer: Space Invaders. Thanks for reading The Current! Until next time!