March 2023 Edition

Welcome to the first edition of The Current, the independent student newspaper of MSMHS. Each month, we'll bring you a MSMHS-focused collection of news, arts, culture, sports, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format.

March 2023 Edition

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Each month, we'll bring you a MSMHS-focused collection of news, arts, culture, sports, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format. If you're feeling extra curious, tap the button to view the full story. We hope you enjoy!

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News and Happenings

Academic Burnout a Critical Issue, Students Say

"Ninth grader Jacob Walker agrees: “When you’re tired and lose motivation, work becomes harder to do, and sometimes I don’t even get it done.” Another student talked about how their efficiency of work went down. Throughout the school, a common theme appears: motivation going down, fatigue increasing, and overall performance declining."

What's Happening with Artificial Intelligence at MSMHS? Teachers and Administrators Offer Thoughts on AI and Education.

LEARN's ban of artificial intelligence generator ChatGPT on school devices is part of a much larger conversation about the ethics of AI in schools. MSMHS principal Ms. Amatrudo is quick to point out that this ban isn’t the final decision. “I don't think our educational systems are doing enough to get ahead of AI as an educational tool vs. a threat to authentic learning." Either way, the path forward is far from certain.

The Current Launches First Edition

All students welcome! Whatever you're interested in writing about! Meetings Thursday afternoons in Mr. Jones' room (U117).


Teachers Triumph in Staff-Student Game

"In a close match on March 9th at Groton Middle School, the MSMHS teachers took home the championship title in the second student vs. faculty basketball game. This has been a long-awaited event with many current seniors in the class of 2023 remembering the first game fondly which took place during their freshman year, 2019."


Aristotle and School Slogans

"Change, a big part of life as high schoolers, was also a big deal for ancient Greek philosophers. Of course, they weren’t thinking about heading off to college—for them, it was how change occurred in reality."

Arts and Life

Atlantis Creative Corner: Student Submissions

"Atlantis Creative Corner is a place similar to the Atlantis Magazine. This month's submissions include works from last year's edition of Atlantis Magazine, as well as brand-new works from this year's talented students."

The Book Report: Reviews and Recommendations

"It gave me a new appreciation for the lives of the women that came before me."

-Ms. Frick, discussing her recommended novel, The Boston Girl.

Brahms Concert a Local Hit

"The human power behind the event is astounding; soloists, the conductor, and the orchestra spending hundreds of hours studying the music written nearly two centuries ago by one brilliant man."


The Many Spiders of MSMHS

"Scientists have estimated that, for each individual human, there are approximately 2.8 million spiders—with an average of 131 spiders per square meter. At any given time, there are roughly 4 millions spiders on the MSMHS grounds."

The Brain Baffler

Welcome to the Brain Baffler, the world's best rebus puzzle! Decode the visual clues to unlock the phrase. Feeling stuck? Check out the hint (and answer) below.

The word "man" above the word "board."
Hint: Cry when one falls off a ship.
Answer: Man Overboard.

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