May 2023 Edition

An MSMHS-focused collection of news, art, culture, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format.

May 2023 Edition

Happy May!

Welcome to the third edition of The Current, the independent student newspaper of MSMHS. This month's issue is an MSMHS-focused collection of news, art, culture, and puzzles in a quick, skimmable format. If you're feeling extra curious, tap the button to view the full story. We hope you enjoy!

-The Current Team

News and Happenings

Behind the Scenes of the MSMHS Lip Dub

On Friday, May 12, MSMHS students and staff filmed this year’s lip dub, featuring the song “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. The lip dub is an annual music video produced by MSMHS that has been ingrained in our tradition from the school’s beginning.

Art History Class Visits Met Art Museum

The benefits of the trip extend far beyond the AP exam. Ms. Mann saw the experience of the city and the museums as just as important as the works they contain. “The school should offer opportunities for people to get into the urban centers and understand the cultural institutions and the roles they play.” Student Ezran Williams, an MSMHS junior, agrees, saying “It was helpful for both learning the works and experiencing the area.”

The Current Launches News and Updates on Instagram

Follow stories as they happen through the The Current's Instagram account.


Ten Tips For Applying to College

Don't ever be discouraged when you get rejected or waitlisted at a college. And don't let the acceptance rate formulate your opinion on a school or discourage you from applying. Remember that college doesn't define you as a person.

School Spirit and Levitating Tin Foil

Being a high school student, it is almost impossible to not have heard the term “school spirit." While it may be a question you’ve never asked, I think it could reveal something about school communities and how they work. First and foremost, school spirit doesn’t refer to the school being haunted.

Thoughts and Advice From the Senior Class
Illustration by Sara Autio.

After four years at MSMHS, the outgoing seniors offer advice and thoughts on the high school experience.

Arts & Life

Atlantis Creative Corner: Student Submissions

This month: poetry and artwork from Ko Parlagreco, Rashel Garcia, Scarlett Colbath, Gracie Peil, and Ezran Williams.

The Art of Composing: A Podcast with Gabriel Frommer

"The melody of this composition never escaped my mind. I had several nights where I would finally be ready to sleep in my bed, and then my brain would just rush to the world of my piece and feel the notes."


You Might Have Bugs in Your Ears

While cockroaches might be the most difficult to remove from the ear canal, they are far from the most painful. The worst thing you can possibly get in your ear are spiders, which lock themselves in with webbing and will bite the inside of the ear when disturbed by movement.


Take a Voyage: A Random Article Selector

The Current publishes a lot of amazing student work, and sometimes it's hard to pick what to read first. That's why we're introducing the "Take a Voyage" feature for the May 2023 edition, which randomly picks an article from this edition. Try it for yourself below!


The Current Crossword: Summer Fun
The Current Crossword: Summer Fun
A summer-themed crossword puzzle, exclusive to The Current.
The Jigsaw: A Great Hall Puzzle
The Jigsaw: A Great Hall Puzzle
Connect the pieces to reveal a hidden picture.
The Brain Baffler: May 2023

Welcome to the Brain Baffler, the world's best rebus puzzle! Decode the visual clues to unlock the phrase. Feeling stuck? Check out the hint (and answer) below.

The word "travel" above the letter "c" repeated five times.
Hint: Long-distance trip. Scroll to view answer.

Don't worry — the answer is right after this.

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Answer: Travel overseas. Thanks for reading The Current. Until next time!