Advice From the Class of 2024

Outgoing seniors reflect on their time at MSMHS and what they wish they had known as freshmen.

Advice From the Class of 2024
Illustration by Kaiden Chandler.

By Kaiden Chandler

Editor in Chief. Class of 2024

About the Piece
We asked seven students in the class of 2024 for the one piece of advice that they wished they could go back and give their younger selves. Seniors Wyatt Poehler, Jack Lacey, Ryan Kostopoulos, Jacob Zelinsky, Loralei Bishop, Gracie Peil, and Henry Thorndike contributed their thoughts. Here's what they had to say.

On Choosing Classes

“Learn more about the classes … talk to people rather than just relying on course descriptions.”
“Take more higher-level courses because they will help your GPA.”
“The more classes you take earlier, the better it will be later.”

On Getting Into College

“Do college stuff early. Do it before your senior year or at least over the summer.”

On Being Engaged

“Join clubs, just be active.”
“Extracurriculars look really good on college resumes.”

On Schoolwork

“Use the math lab.”
“Get things in on time.”
“Do work ahead of time.”
“Don’t get in the habit of getting missing assignments, because that will hurt your grades when you apply to colleges.”
“Try to get ahead of everything. It’s not fun catching back up.”

Illustrations by Kaiden Chandler.

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