Ms. Ackerman Has Advice for Healthy Living

The MSMHS P.E. teacher discusses her top four tips for student wellbeing.

Ms. Ackerman Has Advice for Healthy Living
Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Photo by Emma Simpson / Unsplash

By Ezran Williams

Editor, Atlantis. Class of 2024

Mrs. Ackerman is the P.E. teacher here at MSMHS — and she also knows a lot about healthy living. She talked to Current reporter Ezran Williams about her top tips for mental and physical wellbeing.


Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 / Unsplash.

One of Ms. Ackerman’s biggest tips for improving health is being well-rested, saying “Teenagers should be sleeping.” She emphasizes the importance of sleep, explaining that, “as growing students, you need extra sleep and that's okay. Ms. Ackerman thinks that students don’t prioritize sleep, which causes imbalances in their lives. “ I think that what happens is that students don't compensate for that extra need for sleep.”


Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Photo by Andrik Langfield / Unsplash.

Mrs. Ackerman also believes in the importance of time management. She acknowledges that even her own responsibilities can make time management difficult, saying “I have to write my lesson plans; I have to keep up with grades; I have to be a mom; I have to take care of my home; I have to keep up with relationships.” She sees time management as the “root of the sleep issue.” Keeping track of how you spend your time — particularly your screen time — is one of Ms. Ackerman’s most important tips.

Separating Your Areas

Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Photo by Remy_Loz / Unsplash.

Having a space you can call your own is critical — and also difficult as a student. Ms. Ackerman acknowledges these difficulties, saying “Your bedroom is like your only personal space, as an adult I have my home.” She explains that it’s important to get into the right headspace for the task at hand, and the environment you’re in can be helpful for this. Mrs. Ackerman works at her dinner table for just that reason — she sees it as a way to separate work from more restful activities.

Get Your Steps In — By Doing the Little Things

Illustration by Kaiden Chandler. Photo by Arek Adeoye / Unsplash.

Not every healthy activity you do has to be a big lifestyle change. Ms. Ackerman says that focusing on the small things helps to live a healthier life. She explains: “When I park at a store, I park as far as possible.” Little acts like this allow her to get her steps in. She also talks about choosing to take the stairs instead of elevators. All of these little steps add up to more walking — and a healthier lifestyle.

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