The Many Spiders of MSMHS

A look at the spiders of the school campus.

The Many Spiders of MSMHS
Photo by Julian Schultz / Unsplash
By Nathaniel Oulton

Spiders are found everywhere except Antarctica. Some people are terrified and others fascinated, but no matter the feeling you can’t avoid them.  In their search for food, spiders occupy every space they can—including cars, houses, and schools. Scientists have estimated that, for each individual human, there are approximately 2.8 million spiders—with an average of 131 spiders per square meter.

At any given time, there are roughly 4 millions spiders on the MSMHS grounds.

To put that figure into perspective, that means that there are roughly 4 million spiders on the MSMHS grounds at any given time—that's 15,000 spiders for every student.